Saturday, July 3, 2010

What the Sand Man Said

I suppose an update is long-past-due. A little over a month ago I went to visit some friends out East in Fada and we hit up some of the local "tourist attractions" which included a giant tree that once-upon-a-time a warrior goddess charged up, mounted upon a steed (maybe?) and a "mountain," which took us an arduous 5 minutes to hike. The highlight, however, was going to have our futures foretold by a local sand reader, who predicted that 1. I would be moving to a new site for my second year of service 2. My boss would come visit my site 3. My love life looked bleak for the near future, but someday marital bliss and Happily Ever After awaits. I had a feeling that what he said was Truth, mostly because of the spirits watching over him (circa 2:20 in the video).

Things are a bit up in the air at the moment, but it looks as though he may have at least been right with prediction #1. While I can't yet say for sure, it seems very likely that I will be moving to Ouagadougou for my second year of service to work directly with FAVL, the organization my village is collaborating with to build our community library. The final details haven't been hammered out, but I'll probably make the move in late August or early September. I've already had meetings with FAVL, the Girls Education and Empowerment director, and the Peace Corps country director, all of whom have been supportive of the plan. I'll let you know when everything's in place, which will be much easier to do once I have frequent access to internet in Ouaga. While it will be sad and difficult to say goodbye to my village, there are extenuating circumstances which are pretty much out of my hands. The great thing about working in Ouaga, however, is that it will actually be easier to get the library completed and I will be able to continue working directly with Béléhédé, through FAVL, even if I will no longer be living there.

Right now I'm down South in Bobo, visiting other volunteers, celebrating my friend Jillian's upcoming wedding, watching the World Cup (and being shocked yesterday by the Netherlands' upset of Brazil and saddened by Ghana's loss), and enjoying the much cooler and greener part of the country. I was planning on heading back to Ouaga on Monday after celebrating the 4th down here, but I may stay a bit longer since I have a meeting with the FAVL librarians in a nearby village on Thursday, and it doesn't make much sense to make the 5 hour trip back to Ouaga only to turn right around in a couple of days. We'll see....