Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hi! I'm in Ouaga, but heading back to village in a few hours so only have time for a quick update with a few photos.

Garden and reading club are both chugging along and give me something to do every afternoon and evening. Water is running low, so I'm crossing my fingers that it holds out until I can harvest my corn in a week or two.

My friend Boukary drawing water from the well in my garden:

The moat (or irrigation ditch...) surrounding my garden:

Kit distracting one of my reading groups:

Reading club:

Soap-making unfortunately didn't take off as well as I'd hoped. The women keep telling me that people aren't buying it, but they also never have it out with them in the market, so I'm trying to convince them that they need to actually display the product if they want people to buy it.

Hot season is HOT. I don't usually look at a thermometer, but I glanced at one a couple of weeks ago and it was at 115F. After about 10 a.m. it's really too hot to do anything besides sit in the shade and try not to move until it starts to cool down around 5.

This vulture is convinced that I'm dying of heat stroke and stalks me in my courtyard:

One of the nurses asked me to go with him to do an HIV/AIDS training at a school in a nearby village, which was really exciting. I didn't really know what to expect and it ended up being mostly a lecture on Abstinence, although when I asked the nurse if we could talk about condoms and safe sex he was OK with it - thankfully I'd thought to bring a couple of condoms. While it didn't go over as smoothly as I'd hoped, it was good to at least see what education the kids here are getting so that I can better prepare for future talks.

Some camels chilling outside my courtyard:

Another afternoon in the garden:

One of the women who tends the garden next to mine:

This cow hanging out by my garden would have been under water a few weeks ago:

Sadie and Kit hiding from the sun under the shade of my Papaya tree:


OK, that's all for now. Sorry for such a scattered update, but I'll be back in Ouaga in the middle of April for a week attending a conference on maternal and infant health care with a woman from my village and a bunch of other volunteers, so I'll have time for a longer, more coherent post!